Planned Release of this service is Summer of 2016.CommCARELocation is a convenient no cost directory of GLNs used and maintained by the CommCARE community.  Community members create their GLNs following accepted GS1 Global standards and provide this directory access to ensure their trading partner community have a reference point for their various locations, both physical (Ship To, Bill To, Ship From, etc.) and logical (Head Office, Publish to, etc).  These GLNs are owned by their creators under their Company Prefix license.
Manage your various contracts with vendors, be alerted when they are about to expire, when a price change occurs and when procurement does not follow contract terms. Login and shop at your individual vendor’s CommCARE eStore or enter your private eMarketplace and shop at all your vendors.
Access your portfolio of product data in the GDSN to add new, change, or view the complete GTIN record. Making your products available to your trading partners through the GDSN simplifies the whole process. Access your Analytical Dashboard based upon your supply chain activity. Scorecard vendors, review your spend, see exceptions, drill down to see the actual document in full, download the data into Excel and perform ad hoc analysis.
Monitor your account traffic moving over Commport’s VAN as well as check to confirm outbound activity and see your trading partner's responses. Resend any transaction or open for review. If you are a user of any CommCARE EDI solution login directly into your service here. See your entire EDI enabled vendor community and expand it by selecting vendors with whom you would like to do EDI with. CommCARE puts that trading link in place in order to enable you with your community.